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SnapCrowd's Enterprise edition was built with any size business or institution in mind. The platform was designed to work in virtually any environment, whether you wish to add the platform to your internal intranet, or deploy it securely in the cloud for easier availability, the platform is ready to go. With our multi-user interface you can manage your enterprise account with an ADMIN solution by allowing 5, 10, 20+ users the ability to login and only accessing the functions the ADMIN permitted. Our custom metadata feature will help you organize your files in a way that will streamline your organization to save time and money.

SnapCrowd, for its initial deployment has put in place several systems to support the platform. Our servers are built for a high availability enterprise environment; they have been designed with redundancy. SnapCrowd is ready to support, maintain, and expand storage capability as the needs of our customers change and grow.

From its inception the SnapCrowd platform was developed to secure and protect our users' digital assets. The SnapCrowd's security subsystem platform is divided into 2 separate layers of protection: a transport layer and an API (Application Programming Interface) layer. With the incorporation of these two technologies into the platform, we can provide a level of security which is comparable to banks and government agency web sites.

The transport layer is used to protect and encrypt any and all traffic between a user's computing device and SnapCrowd's data center. This layer uses SSL/TLS (AES 128-bit high encryption) technology running on the HTTPS protocol. By using SSL/TLS we are able to guarantee that all packets have not been tampered with or intercepted. SSL/TLS and HTTPS were selected based on their proven and continued use within the internet security area.

The API layer is used to protect our users' assets from unauthorized access and to place users in their own "sandbox". The Sandbox is a reference used to describe where users are placed once logged in; users are given an area that only that user may access, including their digital assets and private data within a given login session. The API layer enforces tokenized session-secured access to all connected clients that use SnapCrowd, allowing the platform to intelligently broker data along secured routes within the system via point-to-point hashed authentication. Session lifespan, active authentication services, and single login instances further compound secured workflow.

Due to a robust enterprise-level security backend, SnapCrowd may connect to other user management systems, such as Microsoft Windows Server Active Directory (AD). Implementing a modern authentication system coupled with multiple layers of point-to-point encryption, database user hashing, single-session logins, and tokenized sandboxing, SnapCrowd users enjoy a peace of mind when deploying their data to the SnapCrowd cloud, akin to their banking experiences.

So if your business or institution is ready to take back control of your digital assets and secure them the right way, then get in touch with us today!

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